I am currently teaching the following modules:

COM1001: Introduction to Software Engineering

COM1001 A team demonstrating the current iteration of their software to their clients.

COM1001 aims to introduce students to the basics of software engineering, and agile methodologies in particular. The core component of the module is the team software engineering project. Students collaborate in groups to do requirements capture, design, write, test, and deliver software for a 4th year student “client”.

COM3529 Software Testing and Analysis

This is a new module to run for the first time in the Spring of 2021. More information soon!

Undergraduate Projects

Projects Third year dissertation project supervisees, 2015.

I also supervise undergraduate software engineering dissertation projects. These tend to centre on my research interests, as well as Computer Science problems related to my other interests (or those of the student), e.g. football. I also supervise projects that have been proposed by local industrial companies.